About Us

Our History & Services

Mission (What we do on a daily basis):

PharmaMed Global, LLC. and its affiliates (AJW Technology Consultants, Inc., PharmaMed Clinical, Inc., PharmaDEV Consulting Pty Ltd, and RMS-UK, Ltd) are committed to purposefully serving our stakeholders with products and solutions that improve healthcare technology, processes and ultimately patient outcomes.

Vision (Long-term destination):

We want the results of our efforts to drastically improve the lives of those we meet during the normal course of business as well as those we may never meet in this life. By 2020 we will create an organization with a outreach program that directly impacts 10,000 lives around the globe each year with medical intervention, education, and essential needs.  “…whenever you did it for any of my people, no matter how unimportant they seemed, you did it for me.” Matthew 25:40 (CEV) This will be accomplished through financial partnerships with Christian humanitarian organizations, distribution of surplus medical devices and pharmaceuticals to global healthcare providers, and purposeful volunteerism.

Values (How we carry out our business):

  • Service: Generously serve our customers, employees, and our community
  • Stewardship: Make the most of each opportunity and blessing we have been provided
  • Honesty: Speak the Truth
  • Integrity: Do what is right at all time
  • Compassionate Ministry: Recognize and meet the essential needs of those within our circle of influence.

Success will occur when we apply these values in each project, contract and relationship.